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That Oil content may be a bit Low for a Newbie especially for Break In (no Offense Meant) Most the Marine Fuels are 30% Nitro or Higher and 16% to 20%+ Oil.You might want to order some Klotz Super Techniplate and add it to your fuel.

Yes it is Good to remove at least 1 shim after break in to Lower the Squish Clearance around the outer edge of the piston. This does a couple things:
1: it increases the Compression Ratio = More Torque, Quicker Acceleration, Increases the Burn Rate of the Fuel, Advances Ignition Timing.
2: A Tighter Squish Band increases the Velocity the fuel around the Outer Edge of the Chamber is Forced into the Center of the Chamber= More Turbulence in the Chamber= Better Atomization and Emulsification of the Air\Fuel Mixture in the Chamber= Higher % of Fuel getting Burnt.
3: The Squish Band Also Keeps a little of the Fuel Mixture Unburnt around the Piston Edge to Lubricate the Piston\Cylinder contact area, When the Squish is Set Correctly it will prevent the Combustion Flame from reaching into that Tight "Squished" Area. Ideally on a .15ci to .18ci engine your Squish Clearance will be down to .004".