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I Read the article of Brad's posting. I Read Koast RC's posting and the others. Brad's item shows just how the public reacts. They all want the kids to WIN at any cost, yet when a kid gets hurt, then everyone is to blame and the need to play is bad. IMO, Kids need to PLAY to win, yet it is the play that is important and To-"L" with winning. In school I despised game playing, rather be doing drafting and shop work. My life turned out, IMO, very well. Some folks seem that getting a scholarship is the most important thing in the world. IMO, the kid becoming a well adjusted person is far more important than chasing a ball.
Unfortunately I am in a minority and that will not change. I argue with some fathers that push their children. We argue, but you know who wins, not Gran' Pa!

As Koast RC so eloquently states, the old RC Gas passers are too much interested in themselves to really support younger families into the art of aeromodeling as a great educational opportunity for their young people in more than one discipline. RC is not the ONLY modeling discipline. Unfortunately the current world cannot well accept other than the most widely activity. Sad but that is the way the current crop of persons are. They follow only the way they were raised.