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You are going to hate me, but, if you want quiet like you say in the title, go buy a Honda

I bought a Honeywell 1400 and saved 400 vs a honda 2000.. Even thought it is a chunck of change, I regret the purchase every day I use it. The noise is unbearable. I usually put it at least 2 to 300' away. It is the only way I can manage it. It is weak, I can barely take the inital load of my charger (eventhough is supposedly rated for 1600 peak). Other than that. It works well, but it is the noise what will drive you insane

I'm about to sell mine in craigslists for whatever people give me for it

i can't insist enough on not buying any of these (generac and honeywell are both the same machine, built by generac).

You will hate paying the extra money only the day you write the check (or you pay the CC bill), after that, you will be so happy you spent the money on quality.

Trust me on this one


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