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Look for an older used Honda- I have an EM650 that had maybe 3 tanks of gas through it.. It is 30 years old but like new.. And because it is not an inverter generator it was cheap.. Usually when I go flying, I use my motorhome coach batteries to charge my stuff but after a day of flying/charging they will be dead.. I use this to run a battery charger hooked to the house batteries...in lieu of running the 5000kw generator on the motorhome that will only put a 4-5 amp charge on the house batteries. And I can stand to let the Honda run( and listen to the low hum) all day on 1/4 gallon of fuel.. It will run a 500 watt output DC power supply ok, but I prefer to have a battery as a buffer in case I plug in another charger.. The inverter ones are great if you want to run high end electronics but for running a DC power supply they are fine.. Note that most of the DC outputs on the generators are generally not suitable to run anything electronic and are limited to about 100 watts maximum on an intermittent basis.. If you look you can probably pick one up for 150-200 that runs fine..