Thread: 100mph Flux?
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The guy is trying to sell just the tires. Now conventional thinking is going to tell you that a smaller diameter wheel will make you go slower, not true. I have proved just that with my two savages. Hes selling a 1/5 wheel that weighs A LOT more than some X0-1 or Foamies. So do the math, add a larger diameter wheel and go faster, NO that larger wheel comes with added weight or rotational mass. That is mass that robs power and will not allow you to push taller gearing. Theres no way a single motor flux using the stock 2200kv will ever reach 100mph esp with those wheels. I pulled off 88mph with one motor and the other had lifted up and was not meshed.

Put those over priced wheels on your savage and you will never reach your goal. Im also not going to run X0-1's anymore I have something lighter and more suited for insane speeds.