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I have an Airtronics RD6000 6 channel radio with 2 receiver packs. After installing new batteries ( NIMH ) and charging, the transmitter turns on but, the receiver does not. It will only bump 1 or 2 of the servos when turning on the switch on the receiver. I know the polarity is correct since I had purchased a new receiver pack and had used it to run this radio prior to this problem. This radio, although never used to fly anything ( building a Great Planes P51 and have a 2nd receiver in a Kalt Baron 30 ) is essentially new although it is problably 6-7 years old. At times when trying to fly the heli the radio would operate, at other times nothing. The transmitter always turns on but hit or miss on the receiver. With 2 receivers I you would think at least 1 would work consistently. Now, neither receiver reacts to the signal from the transmitter. What can I do?

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