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Default RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?

Have a quick update did a search ended up on a Yahoo forum. I had found this a year ago, you will have to sign up with the yahoo forum...but... you get access to the photo
pages. I dont use the forum I like the people her much better . They even have a movie of the famed HOR nitro, running on a stand.. but its still running nitro hehe. A few
have posted there that you can shoe horn a speed 300 into a HOR with a custom motor plate. Direct steering mods, Frame mods.

TT's , NF's, etc. photos on the pages.

Food for thought! - Razor brushless with Li po's on your HOR Muhahaha!!! :P

http://groups.(insert yahoo here).com/group/radiocontrolmotorcycles/

Hey Ray, I looked at your photos and 2 of those bikes at Crazynuts are Protos
and I do believe that Crazynut did not build or create them. I have viewed them on others websites.

I did find a few photos of a Proto Nitro Racer... Very detailed, extremely well built
makes all the other R/C motorcycles I have seen look like tinker toys. Will post link once I find it again hehe.