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Originally Posted by Monarch1st View Post
(I think this is the place...if not, just tell me)

I'd like to get an r/c airplane for my dad for Christmas, and my LHS told me about an r/c airplane that you could fly in your living room.
They said it was small, about the size of your hand yet flew quite well. Just what I'm looking for.
But they can't find it anymore. I don't remember exactly what it was called, nova something maybe?
Does anyone know what they are talking about, and where to find it myself?

n.b. note: *not* an quadcopter. everyone who i mention this to suggests a quadcopter.
nope. i'm talking airplane. wings. empenage. one propeller. airplane.
It sounds like what you are looking for is a micro electric. One of the smallest production planes is the Parkzone Mini Vapor which has a wing span under 9", weighs 8.6g (.3oz) and is bind-n-fly with Spektrum DSM2/DSMX radios. I'm able to fly mine in my living room, but it's a challenge to keep deal with the various air currents and keep from hitting something every once in a while. Experience is definitely needed in a small room. There are others that get smaller and use Plantranco and similar micro radios - Bob Selman is a good source for these.

You will probably have better success looking in the micro electric forums of RCUniverse, RCGroups and Watt Flyer. There you'll find the guys who have a lot of experience with the really small indoor models.