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First off to get the wheels off, Use a flat screwdriver and gently pry the round cover off the rear drive wheels. Under the cover will be a 2.0 mm hex screw that you will need to remove. Just unscrew them then you should be able to slide the rear wheels off the drive shafts.

Point here Is you should remove the upper half of the tank from the lower and put the upper in a safe spot. Once you have the drive wheels off you will need to unplug the motors, then there are 3 screws holding the gearbox to the lower. Get a start screwdriver and remove those 3 screws and you can walk the gearbox out of the lower.
As for replacements I would suggest these http://shop.immortalhobbies.com/Gear...101210602A.htm
or a set of the Steel gears which will be loaded this evening, the steel gears are $69.00 a set and are a 3 to 1 ratio. For bigger tanks like the KV-1 you can't go wrong with the steel set up regardless of how you run.