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Given the practical realities of dealing with a TD 020 I don't think the plane design will be the limiting factor in speed. The plane is more than slippery enough, it is a matter of the correct prop. While I have been playing with 1/2a engines for over 45 years, I just started playing with the 020 size this year just to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything. While there are tons of ways to make 1/2a motors go faster, the practicality of doing it with the 020 is outside the budget of most of us now that a replacement piston/liner set involves buying a good pee wee and canablizing it. Backplate pressure isn't practical and there never was much in the way of fine thread needles. Prop selection is slim at best. Most designs and kits for this size were of the FF, Old timer, or high wing slightly better than trainer variety. I suspect any real attempts at "speed: were done in the CL circles. So in the real world my best bet is to build the GLH style and find a prop cutting combination that works for the motor.

I am thinking that in the current state of the hobby any real speed at this size is going to be achieved by burning electrons, not fuel molecules. Probably even at the 1/2a size. And while I could go faster with electric, without the dopler effect of a screaming, unmuffled nitro motor going by it just wouldn't be any FUN. I doubt NASCAR could fill the stands to watch a pack of 40 Teslas go whirring by no matter what the speed. It's just not beer drinking music. But I digress....

So my "adjusted for reality" goal is that it should be fairly simple work to get double the speed of my wee stick\pee wee combination with a design that flies in a respectable manner with less of an issue with wind. I prefer planes that carve their way through the sky rather than flutter.