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APC does list both a 4.5x3.5 and a 4.6x3 but both are slightly heavier hubs than the 4.2x4. I would think that at this size you don't need to drop as much in diameter to go up in pitch because the hub takes up a larger percentage of the prop as compared to going from say a 12x6 to a 11x7. So a 3x4 may be fine. I am a little hesitant to start cutting up pistons not only due to availability but also because mine seems to be prone to blowing glow heads (at $10 a pop) if I get just a bit lean. So I think I will start with just prop work rather than trying to get a few extra thousand rpm. Then if I can score a couple extra tds fairly reasonable I may start looking into some of the aluminum backplate/venturi combinations I have seen on the bay as it looks like I am going to have an open front bay for a tank. Right now it looks like the battery will be going in the aft part of the main bay to balance. Then I may start playing with pistons and crankcase pressure.