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Saturday Morning (11-23-2013)

Saturday morning in Central Florida was just magical. Mid 70's and wind was just nothing until 9:30am.

I came to the RC Club rather late, just about 9:00am and wasted NO TIME and got my Hangar9 F4U-1D Corsair out and did the connections and bolted on its wing and the model got placed on the runway and had a super 5 minute flight using my Turnigy 4-Cell, 3300mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer pack.

After the RC Club, went with my RC Flying buddy to Lunch and then, to his home to study new RC Models that have been out recently and checking out list twice! I looked down and it was almost 3:30pm in the afternoon!!!

Sunset around here is now right at 5:28pm so, again, wasted not time and went to the RC Club again and topped off the Turnigy 4-Cell pack for making the 6th flight possible.

As promised here is the PUT-BACK (mAH) after the 3rd Flight from last Monday morning. Took a picture as soon as the Charger reached Full Charge and this was right before my model's 4th flight.

Thereby, on a typical 5 - 6 minute flight the Power System (AXi 4120/18) while swinging the MAS 3-Blade 13 X 8 X 3 used up ..

1790mAH was observed to be placed back!

Reached up to accomplish my 5th flight as conditions were magical right before Sunset and here are some pictures I took right before the 5th flight!

Also, I got my 1992 Toyota Camry back from the Paint & Body shop and now I can place the model in the trunk!