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Default On-Road Rc car Help.

So i'm thinking about getting an on road car. Why you may ask. I live in the middle of new jersey and there are like no dirt tracks or open areas by my nearest one is about 1 hour 30 mins. It kinda sucks. so yeah i have a couple of questions. I want a cat that is fast and durable. Should i get a kit and put in my own electronics? if so what should i use for motor ESC servos etc. Or should i get a RTR and hop it up?? On thing is i get really confused with lipo batterys. they say you have chargers and lipo balancing chargers im like ***??? so i would like a lipo battery and charger that would be good for the recommended motor and esc. I don want this to come out to be really expensive. id say budget would be 400-500$ so help me out....