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Originally Posted by winterdd View Post
Yea. It's very close , a hair line without touching the magnet.
You are of course referring to the plastic sensor bracket. This tells you nothing about the actual position of the hall sensor inside.

Trouble shooting breaks down to:
The ignition
The sensor
The spark plug
The electric power

Sounds like your power and plug are OK.

The ignition should spark everytime the signal wire is grounded. This is the simplest test, I use a paper clip. But, since RCexl sells a tester that runs the ignition from 2000-8000rpm that sells for under 20 bucks there are several availible within our club. If you can find a large local group you might be able to access one.

The sensor I usually swap out a known good one for my test. But for you, I think a bare sensor that is not mounted in a bracket would work well. Even though the plastic bracket is close consider if the IC is not is the correct orientation.inside the bracket. This could yield the results you are getting.

Well this is some more for you to mull over.