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Rick, you're number 12...welcome

Phantom pty
I spoke with KMP at the 2012 WRAM show about another P-38, and they mentioned they were working on a 100" version, but haven't heard anymore. Every once and a while a KMP model comes up for sale. They are semi scale, but good fliers, and look good in the air.
Don't see too many VQ's come up for sale
Royal kits every now and then.
There is a 90" balsa built up ARF that you can still find around. I know of one sitting in my LHS, and there was one on EBay now http://www.ebay.com/itm/Giant-Scale-...item3a89858e9c . Again, it is semi scale, there are a few build/mod threads on the plane
There is also a 52" version, balsa build up ARF, semi scale again, but these are available right here on RCU http://www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?itemId=952395 or on ebay
G&L hobbies makes a kit http://www.glhobbies.com/P38_Lighting/p38lighting.html
G&P makes a kit http://www.rcairplane.net/index8.html
Vic RC made a kit, although I'm not sure if it is still avalible, there is one listed in the classified section, link is to Vic's site http://www.vicrc.com/products_p38.htm
Yellow Aircraft is a great kit that builds fast. http://www.yellowaircraft.com/props/p38.htm
Ziroli is an also a great plane, but it is a big build. There are several kit cutters that can supply a kit, foam wings are available if you want to go that route, glass booms, ect http://www.ziroliplans.com/ziroliplans/p38-doss.html

There are a bunch of foamies out there which fly good, look great in the air, and are a blast to just pull out of the trunk and fly anywhere.