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The radio will set all the 'ports' for you based on how you selected the Model Type when starting a new model. This is a very powerful function in the 12FG and up series of radios. Unfortunately, it is also not explained very well in the manual. I had the same issues when I went from a 9Z to a 14MZ. I tried to make the channels match what I had 'always' used. In doing that, I basically crippled the programming power of the radio. If you go thru the model setup, select wing/tail type, the radio will assign functions to ports based on the configuration you selected. Then, when you activate mixes, they are already setup, you don't have to go thru the hassle of assigning master/slave, etc. After you go thru the model setup function, look at the servo monitor screen and it will tell you what servo is plugged into what port. There is no 'default' setup like we used to have. Little hard to get used to at first, but it helps tremendously when you do an initial setup. I can setup a pattern plane with dual ail/elev and 3 conditions in about 5 minutes now. If I need any mixes after test flights, it is only a couple more minutes getting them activated since most commonly used mixes are already pre programmed in the radio.

When used as intended, programming a 12FG is super simple, quick. Unfortunately, Futaba didn't spend a couple pages at the front of the manual explaining this powerful functionality.

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