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Originally Posted by aeajr View Post
USING BALLAST TO HANDLE MORE WIND The Radian and the Pro are great but how comfortable are you flying them as the wind picks up.
Two Saturday's back, I was up at my usual Radian flying site which is on the top of a small mountain. Mornings are more calm compared to afternoon and evenings at this particular site. I had my Radian up and a steady breeze was coming from the south moving north at about 3 to 5 mph with no gusts.. However, about 2/3 into the flight on the second battery, the wind direction completely shifted 180 degrees and the steady breeze turned into windy conditions with gusts between 10 to 20 mph. I storm front had blown in along with some moisture in the form of sprinkles. At this point it was not fun at all for me. I did get the Radian back down but only after a few passes. Disassembly was very hard at this point because of the wind and gusts, but had no other choice because the wings need to come off in order for it to fit in my car. So yeah, the factory Radian Pro doesn't do so well in high wind and gusts. But with a wingspan the size of what the Radian has on top of being made primarily out of foam, it isn't fun in those flying conditions.