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I repair/rebuild/modify, etc. lots of engines. Most of the time they will fire right off with virtually no problem, but every once in a while one will be "balky" and not want to run. Instead of having the patience to pull the plug out and check for flooding, etc., I too will usually just grab the electric starter and away they go. Then as you said, after that they easily hand start.

It is actually somewhat amazing when you think about it, as when hand starting they only get to go past the compression/ignition stroke one time. When using a pull starter for example like on a weekeater, chainsaw, etc., they are turned over rapidly multiple times. But ours still start with that one flip. Of course, most of the other equipment has magnetos that need to turn a bit fast to make a spark, but still, I have magneto equipped airplane engines that fire right off with a hand flip. I think the other factor is that we fine tune our engines to be exactly right, (hopefully), and a chain saw or weedeater may or may not be anywhere close in tune, have a good clean plug, good compression, etc.


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