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Wow, that looks cold! I've been lucky and flying the Radian in sunny weather with highs in the low 70's. It's been really warm this winter in California. Last weekend I was out flying a glow plane out at the field and had to be careful not to get too sun burned.

I lived in Nebraska and Iowa during various times during my youth and I remember the snow well. I used to love tracking animals by the footprints they left in the snow. Just by the steps they leave, you can tell what type of animals, how many and get a good estimate on the size and weight of them, all by just the shape, size and depth of the prints they leave. Also learned how to survive out in the snow. A big deal when I was in school was taking classes on hunters ed/outdoor survival training. I really loved those two things while in school out there.

If you fly your radian out in the snow, you may want to first paint it hunter's orange so you can see it if it lands out in the snow somewhere.

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