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I have a DX8 radio so its set up is probably different .Aux 2 is the spot on your receiver where you plug your second elevator servo in . You must follow the set up instructions from the very start .The wing selection and tail selection will have a bearing on how everything else works .You could use a Y harness on your elevators , it might be easier . Your bind plug is no big deal . They are all the same . They are everywhere . I have lots of them . You can make one out of an old servo extension by sniping the end off , bearing the outside wires and twisting them together .. A bind plug just shorts what it plugs into . The only issues I had with my Taylor Craft was with the servos . One of my elevator servos and my throttle servo burned up . A6000 servos . This was during set up .These servos are discontinued ..It is a wonderful flying plane .. Have fun with it .. Good luck .

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