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Mark Vandervelden
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Hello Andy

I have some of these 6150 servos here for a project I'm building. I am concerned about there use with a non HV power supply.
When they were supplied I was told they could be used safely with Powerbox duel reg/sensor switch but all the info I've found since is all over the place.

The box says operating voltage of 6-8.4v so a little above the voltage I intend to use.
The instruction slip in the box says a reg is required with 2s lipo but then states its a HV servo?
The Horizon website descreatly at the bottom says "4.8v" to 7.4v only but no torque or speed is stated at the lower voltage.

The measured output voltage from the PB sensor switch is 5.7v but when installed and after three servo plugs and two extensions its likely to be 5.6v.
They do seem to function OK at this voltage but don't want the servo to "let go" under load.
Can you confirm they are truly recommended for use down to 4.8v.

Are they in fact "wide voltage servos" for use from 4cell nims right up to 2s Lipos direct

Regards MV

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