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OK I'm having a blast. Got some fuel and had a chance to fire this baby up. I've never had a nitro so tuning is all new to me.

I'm using torco 20% nitro 16% oil. The engine was idling a bit rough. After my first tuning attempt I got idle to a nice purr and top speed was nice. Slight hesitation durring acceleration. After a bit of reading I figured out my low speed neddle was set far too rich. I leanded it out 1/8 at a time an entire turn before a notice a dramatic increase in acceleration. I then when back through the high speed need adjustment steps then I tweaked low end once more. Smooth idle, quick responsive acceleration and it has a very loud yet smooth sound at the top end. I don't know if I'm still running too rich but I got a decent amount of smoke when I hit the gas and fuel drips out the exhaust opening. The temp here is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am having some problems. The big problem is the transmitter/receiver. It started to glitch out on me after I started to get the truck going. The electronics freeze up and will not respond to the remote for a moment, then it returns to normal. That made me pucker the first time it happened. Lucky I had the steering turned on ice so all it did was some crasy 360's till the radio regained control. It only seems to happen after about ten minutes of running in the snow. Could moisture be causing this? I'm thinking of wrapping my electronics in a plastic bag.

The second, is the transmission. Its not shifting I tried to adjust it with quarter turn increments. No change so I thought I would tighten the spring to gauge how far it was, one way or the other. Even after my previous adjusmets I could only tighten it down 3/4 of a turn before it stopped. I backed it out 1 full turn and will continue to try and get the shift point set properly.