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Hi and welcome to the forum.

For starters, 16% oil is to high, 12% seems to be the happy medium. Higher oil percentages make it harder to tune and reduces performance.

As for the TX and RX you might have gotten something wet. You're lucky it didn't run off on you, do you have a failsafe? If not get one asap. There a few way to waterproof the electronics, do a search. One of the more interesting ways I remember hearing of was to plasti-dip the servos but balloons would work as well.

As for the tranny if you have a 3 speed then you need to open it up ti change the 2-3 shift (if memory serves) you can only adjust the 1-2 shift from the outside. Sometimes the shift point is set so low that it goes into 2nd right away and thats why you never hear it shifting. You can find a manual on the HPI site if you don't have one, shows how to adjust it, open it and so on. And are you sure you're turning the right screw? There are two of them right next to each other.