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The closest hobby shop to me is an hour away one way. So I ordered this fuel online. It was 34 bucks for a gallon and free shipping. Its the best deal i could find. The higher oil content will be safer for a noob?

The RX has a built in fail safe. I set it and tested it, works good. If I shut off the TX the car hits the breaks right away.

I got some plastidip and gave the servos a few nice coats. Once dry, I reinstalled and just jammed the servo arms over the PD coating. I also put a tiny bit around the bottom of the screw heads that attach the servo arms. then i hooked everything up and coated the RX in plastiDip, Let dry, removed unwanted PD. Havant tested it yet. I'm working many hours so its too late to run so I have wait for my next break for that.

I haven't messed with the transmission yet. I am almost certain its a two speed. I'll double check the manual. Also I'll make sure I'm turring the right screws LoL

Thanks for the help and the reply.greatly appreciated.