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Still haven't gotten the tranny sorted out, its too dark when I get home, that I'll mess with this weekend.

Took some pics of my waterproofing. I added a balloon, the receiver is coated in plasti dip withe the balloon stretched around it. I don't plan on driving through a lake but I don't want to worry about water either. Post pics when I get home tonight.

Yes I asked the seller about engine break in. He told me it was broke in by his local hobby shop. I have already marked the flywheel and I make sure that it's @ BDC after every run. Just to be on the safe side I did run two tanks through it at about half throttle before I tried tuning or anything. It seems to be good. The seller was spot on about the condition of the truck in every way that I can tell. I don't have a clue how to inspect these engines for proper break in so I guess I will take his word for it.