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If the seller did not mention it is a 3sp tranny, then I would expect it's the std 2sp. No big deal, the truck will still be a low-flying beast. But yeah, sometimes you can hardly hear the gear switch coz it happens so soon - try and put the truck on a box with the wheels not touching anything, then hold it with one hand while you press the throttle with the other, do it slowly until you hear the gear switch. It may help you adjust the gears, if necessary, easier.

After each drive, do a quick check of the screws, specially those on the TVPs as the vibrations can cause them to come loose, threadlock or not! Also remember to check the motor mount screws.

Personally I used 25% nitro on my 4.6 so it also runs cooler, but with your winter temps it may not be so necessary at the moment.

Enjoy and upload some pics of the monster