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Hey, count me in too. Most of my early building was with Sig Kits starting in the mid 70's. I've still got a few Sig's sitting around the pig sty in various forms of build and/or repair:

Astro Hog - Came from an estate sale, it's been completely rebuilt and is ready for an engine and radio. It few decently, crashed really bad, rebuilt much straighter now and should fly even better. Will be powered with the OS .61SF it used to fly with.
Kadet kit (not the Mk I) - I'll save this one but someday scratch build another. Have an old OS Max .35 (strap on muffler vintage) for it.
Kadet Jr. - Another kit I'll scratch build to save the original.
Kadet Mk II - built sometime in the 80's, HB .40 powered (Perry carb vintage), the original builder "Fuel Proofed" the inside to bring it to about 6-1/2 lbs. It still has all the great Kadet flying characteristics, just flies and lands a lot faster.
Kadet LT-40 ARF ready to be assembled, will have a Magnum .52RFS, and just for kicks I'll try the Eagle Tree 2D/3D stabilizer and see how it handles our 15 - 20 mph winds.
Kadet Sr. kit - ready to be built, have a Magnum .52RFS for it.
Klipper kit.
Kavalier - several years old, OS .40SF, wonderful flying plane, one of the best I've flown for touch-n-go's. Just finished clipping the ailerons 1-1/2 inches to stop the high speed buzz, and converted the elevator/rudder pushrods from wood to fiberglass.
Kougar kit waiting to be built.
J-3 Cub 1/6 scale - wings built, still debating on power before I build the fuselage - either electric or an OS FS-26
J-3 Cub 1/4 scale - Fuse built, set up for an OS Gemini 1.20. I do have concerns on the Gemini pulling the finished weight, so as a backup I have a Saito 1.82 twin that can be used on it.
Bonanza - the kit's all there and not started.
Liberty Sport - This is on the build list after I finish several other projects. It'll be modified for 4 ailerons to help the roll.
29er - Going to convert the old FF kit to 3-ch using the guts from a Night Vapor for indoor flying.
Little Something Extra - I count this as a Sig since Herr is owned and the plane was sold by Sig. 1 NIB, 1 needing to be recovered and popped glue joints fixed. Will switch from an OS .10FP to Magnum .15XLS during the rebuild.