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Originally Posted by Propworn View Post
You piqued my interest when you posted this so being a MAAC member here in Canada I checked with our organization. We also do not have a discount for the disabled or vets so I asked someone who is in the know why not. Discounts are not offered because the concern is that every special interest group could make a case for their discount as well. Instead the concentration is on accommodating the disabled with proper facilities to enable them to participate in the hobby. In Canada we have a Disability Awareness Committee that advises the board on the best way to accommodate those with disabilities. I believe those that serve on that board have disabilities. Does the AMA have a similar committee? It might be worthwhile to get one started if not and if it does it would be worth contacting them with your questions.


lets make more rules, and more people... that will want a paycheck... that will help keep those dues down.