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Howdy juggler, I had bought & built one of these way back in the mid "80s" I loved that plane. It was only a few months old when it met its end in the center of our field while doing a full throttle low level pass. Wasn't much left after that. Fast forward to mid "90s" & I wanted to do another, but found they were discontinued in late "80s". I saw one in the classifieds in R/C Report & contacted the seller (Ron) by phone. Turns out he had the last one of the last run that was ever produced. He was also one of the persons that helped designed the Craft-air Firebird. I bought it & told him I would send him some pictures when I got it done. Well life took its toll on me for some years just after that & I wasn't able to build it till 2002 or 03. After I got it built, I tried to get in touch with Ron, but couldn't find him. I was finally able to contact him with the help from Gordon Banks, editor of R/C Report at that time. I sent Ron some pictures & we chatted some & had a great time talking about it & flying in general. I had & still flew that very same plane till Nov. 2012 when it was destroyed in our "paint ball shoot out" fun fly. I was lucky enough to have found another for sale about 5-6 yrs ago, so when I want to fly another one, I'll just build it up. It fly's like its on rails, very close to the "Ultra-sport" aircraft. Hope you have fun & enjoy both the build & flying. I have the plans if you still need them, just let me know.