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Unfortunately you haven't got a response I see, perhaps mine will trigger more.

I looked into this before, if you have some dial calipers, measure the shaft diameter and the diameter of the hole the bushings are in.

There might be some variation in shaft diameter (someone else will have to comment on that) of the various HL gearboxes, that I don't know for certain.

Plenty of vendors on ebay, and if you go here http://www.bocabearings.com/search.a...&CategorySet=1, with ID and OD measurements from your existing gearbox, you should be able to narrow down what size you need handily. As sloppy as most of the HL stuff appears to be, something very close vs. exact would probably work just as well if not better than the bushings already there.

Only issue I see cropping up is how you will retain the bearings in the gearbox. Nothing really easy comes to mind, but I tend to over-think/over-engineer my solutions. You might be able to get away with no retention if they are a slight press fit?