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W7APD Alan
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I think there are some questions to ask about DJI's 2.4GHz downlink.... but .... if they are using a compatible spread spectrum method, or even if their downlink just sits on one of the 2.4GHz channels, it wouldn't really be a problem until you had dozens of models in the air all at once, and perhaps not even then.

I'm thinking about Spektrum's "showoff" trick, where they put 100 DSMX transmitters on a table, turn them all on, and then fly all kinds of models. The reality is that even if your system occasionally hits on the same channel the DJI downlink is using, it would be no different than what happens when there are multiple models all using any of the spread spectrum radios. It would lose that frame of data, move on to the next channel and get the same data again. Odds of a lockout are probably pretty slim...