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Default Top-Flite P-47 ARF equipment selection - need help!

I have decided to get my first large Warbird and after some research it looks like the TF P-47 60 ARF is a good place to start. I had also considered the H9 P-47 60 ARF. This will also be my first fuel plane. To this point I have been flying electric PZ warbirds and the like. I am pretty comfortable with my flying skills and ready to move up. Im also pretty technical and can mod, build, fix etc... pretty well. Im trying to figure out everything I will need to get going. So far here is what I have picked out along with some questions:

Motor - DLE20cc -

From what I can tell I will need a separate Rx lipo pack to power the ignition. Will a Spektrum 4000mah lipo Rx pack be suitable?
Also I need some type of kill switch. I found this one recommended.
Am I correct in that I will need 1 channel on my Rx for ignition and 1 for remote kill? I see that a separate choke servo is optional which would require 1 more channel. Do I need this? In addition I need to locate a physical switch somewhere on the fuse for the kill switch as well? and maybe another switch for something else, not sure here.

Prop -APC 15.5x12 4 Blade


Futaba Digital S9155 x 8 (aileron x2, flap x2, elevator, rudder, throttle, choke)
TF recommends using Futaba Analog S9001. Are the S9155 overkill? I just don't want to drop out of the sky because I went cheap on the servos.

Receiver (I have a DX9 for the Tx)

Spektrum AR9000 (which I already have). Channels in no particular order would be:

kill switch

The 9000 has 2 dedicated pwr in slots so I would use one of them for a Spektrum 4000mah lipo Rx pack. Will I need something else in line with it to power the 8 full size digital servos, gear, and ignition system? or will the Rx pack powering everything through the Rx alone be fine?


It comes with the ability to do servo retracts. Not sure if these are any good. Also pneumatics are an option. It also looks like the Eflite electric ones used in the H9 P-47 might be an option. What is the most reliable choice here. or is there a better option? I will be using an ok grass field but not great. I would also like to add a retractable tail wheel at some point but not sure what all is involved there.


Any recommendations for what would fit best, preferably with a body?


I would also like to do a razorback conversion, but that will be for a later date.

Is there anything I am missing? The goal here is to have a good reliable flier and eventually to build a kit and do it perfectly scale. Sorry as I am a total noob at anything other than foam electrics. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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