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Hmm, lots of info here, and some differing opinions, so, heres mine, servos, i flew a P47 fom the old topflite redbox design with standard 148s for many many years, it also had an ancient OS70 four stroke up front, while not overpowered, it was enough, for yous, i would be using standads all though, but ball raced, aka, futaba 3001s, or the modern equivelarant, only on flaps, and rudder would i upgrade to something with more poke, my choice would be anything with high torque, and not metal gears, anywhere, they are just not needed, and are unneccasarybweight on a small plane, retracts, i would use simple electrics, for there lies the future for us, as for the balance, inverted, wheels up. ALWAYS, with a low winger, have fun