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Originally Posted by Instructor View Post
Yes Jack they have, but that was the way it was done in 1994. Also at that time, you had to go to ground school to learn how to start a manual turbine. When the kero burners came out, you also had to go to ground school to learn how to start them. They showed you how to start them and also what to do if there was ever a problem. Today the full kero start turbine can have a hot start and continue to feed kero to the turbine. With the manual start turbines, the pilot or the helper knew how to instantly shut it down to pervent fire damage to the aircraft. The air start turbines were spooled up a few times to get any propane fumes out of the combustor chamber before the ignition was appilied......

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I know.. that was our first turbine (t260) back in 95. I still have a classic bandit my dad built in 97 with JPX stickers all over it!!!

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