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Got a knife set and lexan scissors too (along with some other bits and bobs and tools, as I was using two sets of grips up until now lol) so I had a little go at cutting with them. That's why the headlights and front grill are missing from the scooby shell lol, going to get some mesh and fill in the gaps. I have decided on one shelf shell still not sure on what to get for driving outside (carefully) yet though. I have 4 basher shells as of now so it's not a huge rush to decide on one for outside. I'm going with a bugatti veyron shell for the shelf with a custom paint job (hopefully my masking skills will allow me to keep it tidy) and a set of 6mm offset 7spoke wheels that match the colour scheme. Still torn between the escort and Capri shells for outside amongst a few others I've got a bunch of paint already I went into a model shop and they had a full shelf of sale sprays for rc car shells so I took advantage and went a bit mad