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[QUOTE=adambarker;11067658 If you put the dle 20 inwould you invert or just put it upright since i already have a cowl thats cut out for the os 91? let me know what you think saito 125 or dle20 , thanks alot for any suggestions adam[/QUOTE]

I just want to throw my two cents in on inverted or not. To me, the first reason for inverting an engine or leaving it upright, or even side ways or 45, would be cosmetic. What looks good for YOU. Then you have to consider hookups, fuel, throttle etc, where you want the exhaust, lateral balance, the cut outs in your cowl - - - .
But I have been flying RC for over 40 years and All engines glow or gas (even electric, lol ) will run just fine in any orientation. So decide what you want, then do it. The engine will run. I'm sure some may disagree for whatever reason, but I haven't met an engine yet I wouldn't run inverted if I wanted.