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Default ARFs shedding covering

OK, now I have confirmed my cardinal rule. That is to always just replace the covering on my ARFs. My first ARF that I bought with "quality" covering was the Goldberg Tiger 2. After taking to gun and iron to it to straiten all the packing wrinkles, this turned out looking really good. Then, on the second flight, I hear this really loud BRRRRRG sound, did a fly by, and watched all the covering on the top right wing peel off. I landed it before it stripped any more off and recovered it with Monokote, treating it first with Balsa Rigth.

I bought the Eagle 2 ARF and upon inspection, found that there were no overlaps of the covering, which would cause the same issue I had with the Tiger, so I recovered it.

Now, I just flew a new Tower KAOS, red version. Again, the covering looked really tight and solid, then, while flying, I began hear funny BRRRRG noises, the plane began pulling to the right really bad, I had to land with full left rudder and aileron, only to find the entire top of the right wing void of covering.

I live in a very humid area and am wondering if the climate may be affecting the factory applied covering.

Is anybody else having these kind of problems with ARF covering? Another member had the covering shear off his Sig Four Star ARF wing as well, so it seems not to be brand specific.