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Use to be a pic of me in there somewhere.. Still there and the F-20 is alive an well. (14 yrs old now). Damn I'm good! If you scroll further down, my larger gray F20 which met its fate on the maiden but was a very impressive ending. One other point of interest here is my little buddy Fredo in the background. He is now 19 yrs old!!!!

The gray Cermark as I recall took off great. Flew it around for a while trimming it out. Jett .90 sound was awesome. Everything was looking good and time for the high speed pass. Went way out and way up. Got turned around and in came at abut a 45 degree angle. That sucker was movin!. Time to level off and at that moment we all heard the flutter and went in at the 45 spreading itself all over the place.

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