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Well done Tom!

Can't say my day was as good, far from it.

Got to the sunshine Coast MAC field @ Coolum, couple of little issues setting up - warning sign #1

Fueled up, air pumped up, range check done. All good.

Tried start it and could not get fuel to draw. The 51 is fitted with a kine regulator which puts about 10PSI into the tank for constant pressure. Normally works very well. I did note then after I had turned the motor over a fair bit with the starter that the carb was not wet nor was there a pressure release when I pulled the bung out of the overflow line - warning signs # 2 & 3.

Eventually it started but could not get a decent tune, warning # 4

Got it to where I thought it was ok, taxiied out, lined up and off I went. It veered badly to the left on takeoff and should have aborted then, diddn't so my bad.
Engine was not pulling strongly and again should have aborted but elected to plough on after V1 hoping for a decent V2 - did not happen. Warning # 5 & 6

Rotated and started climb out, gear came up nicely. at about 40ft altitude the engine quit just as I started a left hand climbing turn to get into the downwind circuit.

Crap, nose down and it was heading for small to medium sized trees, swung it away from the bigger stuff but too low and slow to staeer towards the flater more open ground so aimed for the smallest patch I could see and pulled back stick to soften the impact if possible. Last I saw it was sliding between tress about 15ft high and looked to be almost wings level.

So disheartedly I put the TX down beside the pilots area and trdged the 400m or so to where it went down. Medium brush and scub along the route. Prayed it was in this area. Nope. It had sapling and small tress all around it but had come down in between them Wing still attached and for a moment I though no damage then saw leading edge and top sheeting of starboard wing was busted - see photos.

It had impacted one smallish sapling right on the corner of the wingtip, an inch the other way and the wing would have had no damage. Stresses radiated out from the tip breaking the leading edge and fracturing the sheeting top and bottom when the bottom spar broke. Glue on the sheer webbing gave way! Had a good look over it and noticed minor damage to the fuz, craks eitherside near radiator exit, fitting in cockpit broke loose from the impact and the centre section where the bolts to hold the wing down had damage.

Picked up all the pieces I could find. Back to the pits area. No one came to help which I was pissed off about. Though one gent did bring my TX back over.

Anyway sat around for a while and ahd morning tea kindly brought up by girly I'm seeing, kind heart that girl.

Got it back on the bench Sunday afternoon and commenced repairs. Spare repaired sunday and have put all the jigsaw pices back in, where sheeting was boken in several pices I have CA'd sheet balsa under it.

Cenre section repairs underway and will finish that tonight.

Final jobs will be to then sand over the top of the sheeting over the repaired area and apply filler as required, sand back, 1oz glass cloth to reinforce and make a nice surface, sand, paint and final detailing to complete the repairs.

Fuz is easy and can be fixed quickly. Will strip out the fuel system and start from scratch with that then do a ground run to make sure it is running correctly.

Lessons Learnt: Listen and take note of warning sides and don't force a flight under those circumstances.

I consider myself very lucky, the model will be repaired and flyable within 2 weeks.

Vampire arrives today or tomorrow too . . . .

Pics . . . and video of the retracts working, yes they are a bit fast. http://youtu.be/BVCEls0Ekvg

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