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Originally Posted by sthill View Post
I put a DLE 20 in an Aeroworks Extra 300 .60-.90 and found a XOAR 16x8 prop to be just too fast. The 17x6 allowed it to slow down and was much more manageable. Instead of running a separate ignition battery I use one of these, http://www.tech-aero.net/ultra-ibec, gives you a remote ignition kill and allows you to keep the weight down which is really important on these small planes. I never tried a soft mount but the vibration isn’t too bad. Just make sure the firewall is reinforced and that you balance the prop and spinner.

May also want to bring your electric starter with, my DLE20 was a pain to start by hand.
Mine can be a little finicky, initially sucking up the fuel on initial start. It generally will start by hand, but I like to have a starter for that first one, just in case. After that, it starts great all day by hand. This is a really good engine. Very reliable and lots of power. You are making a good choice and will be happy.