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Default Newbie with a questions

I just picked up a used Double Horse 9101 form a guy that had it for sale locally. I tried it out last night and was able to hover and get about 6 feet off the ground. Not bad for my first time ever using one of these heli's. Battery died so I charged it (or so I thought) and tried it again. Can't get it off the ground and when it tries it just about tips over. What did I do? If this thing is broke my wife is gonna kill me. I only paid $25 for it.

Guy I bought it from said it was only flown once and only about a foot off the ground. I didn't get a manual with it so I can't go there. I am just going off youtube vids for the trim settings but haven't found the exact controller in the videos.

When it is fully charged does the "charge" light come on? When I unhooked the battery from the charger the light came on but never came on when hooked up. It was plugged in for an hour or so.

Can someone help me out here?