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Originally Posted by 804 View Post
Well, bradpaul, you know the "M" in AMA is for "model", and the point is that all these pesky multi-rotors are not models of anything, and so are ok to discriminate against and should be shunned by AMA.
They are nothing like the models of yesteryear, like all the "old-timer" rc and free-flight which were faithful model renditions of...uh...hmm..., well
like the pattern planes both nostalgia and modern which were modeled after, you know, um...,
well dang-it, how bout the Four Star, and Goldberg Tiger, and Falcon, those were modeled after, well, something, I guess.
I'll have to get back to ya on this...
What an easy argument to discredit........................... We all know about "warbirds" right?????? Models of fixed wing or rotor wing aircraft flown by the military. And guess what THE LARGEST USER OF DRONES EITHER FIXED WING OR ROTOR WING IS, wait for it,............... THE U.S. MILITARY. And they do fly multi rotors. So yes they ARE MODELS and unlike the Four Star, Goldberg Tiger and Falcon are usually in the same scale as the military aircraft. On top of that they are flown in the same way as the military drone, via FPV.

Thanks for bringing this up and allowing the fact that they are more of a "model" then out traditional "warbird" models we usually fly.

And once again FPV is a method of flying a aircraft (scale or model) and not a type of aircraft.