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Has anyone done a motor change out yet? Maybe a vid? I'm going to do it this morning. Any help would be appreciated. It doesn't look easy.

I was correct. It's not easy at all. In fact, the motor system is very poorly designed. With some careful scraping and cutting with a spade exacto blade, you have to get all the white silicon from the top of the flanges of the gear box. Then a carefully orchestrated tug or two lifting the motor straight up from thee fuze. You must be very, very careful in how you hold the fuze. It would be easy to crush or break the fuze. Cut the motor free from the mount and slide it out. Be careful handling the gear box not to knock off the bits of foam on the underside of the gearbox. That would disturb and probably change the built in right and down thrust built into the 'motor mounts'. I would suggest a bit of silicone tub seal or even hot melt on the top side of the flanges themselves. I'd use a toothpick to apply. If you put any adhesive on the bottom side of the flanges, you won't be able to change the motor again.

The above represents a huge engineering flaw. These brushed motors are only designed for a 4-5 hour life. Basically, that turns this plane into a piece of junk after 4-5 hours. A $90 piece of junk. As it turns out, mine is a piece of junk out of the box. I bought from a friend thinking I could easily fix. Bought the new motor. It turns out that wasn't the issue. The ESC was bad from the factory, apparently. In all, I would say that this aircraft isn't worth any where near the sales price. Anybody know of a good, inexpensive brushless conversion for the AS-3X board? I've got a 10 gm. motor I could drop in with a real firewall mount.

Addendum: The original motor has a dead short from the factory. That's what took out the ESC. One other complaint. The wing decals on this plane look as if a 6 year old applied them. The absolute worst bubbles I've ever seen on any airplane, factory applied or everyday flyer applied.

For shame Eflite and Horizon for selling one of the worst engineered aircraft I've seen in my over 60 years of modeling!! $90 of trash. I've been a promoter and flyer of both in the past. Never again.

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