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sounds good Bob. What watt ()meter are you using to test the capacity?

I have to get some EC5 connectors to replace the ones on the Lipos and ESC as the ones fitted have exposed conductor. The EC% are fully insualted and I can slip a spare insulator over the end to be double sure.

Went out and bought a small 7.62mm ammo box on Saturday. It is made of steel, has a rubber seal in it and I can store 5 or 6 lipo packs in it safely. If one cooked off if would just smoulder as no Oh 2 !!

Still waiting on HK to come back to me about the inlet ducting. I got on to Lander Technology who are the manufactuer of the vampire about the inlets too, they deny it is one of theirs yet the box has their details and even packing tape has their company name and logo on it. c'mon Mr Lander we ae not dumb! Sneaky plicks

Will just have to wait and see how I go with that.

Got out and had 6 flights with the astrohog yesterday and was nice to fly something nimbole and quick again. Yes the hog is quick with a FS91 up front :-)
I have gotten too lazy flying the old Cub and Tigermoth ponderous old beasts they are.

time to get back to the quicker stuff.

Off on a work trip for a few days today.