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I have no problem with the term "Drone" for things with cameras or other payloads/agendas . Once the RC model is being flown for any specific purpose other than for the sheer fun of it , it becomes a tool being used to accomplish the stated goal , and thus a drone . It just so happens that since a stable hovering platform is the best for taking quality photographs , it would be the Quad/multirotor that the public most associates with the word Drone . So far , not one person has mistaken what I fly for a drone and my planes have been met with a universally positive reaction by all who've seen them . It's folk's built in fear of being spied on that gives the word Drone such a bad public name and so being "just an old guy with some cool toy planes" keeps folk's "Drone O Phobia" from wanting me to be chased from the parks I fly in . I'm good with that .....