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Default GP Super Skybolt Crash Purchase

I recently attended a local HS swap/ shop, and was walking thru the area looking at what was for sale. Well, I happened on a GP Super Skybolt fuselage sitting under a guys tailgate, and saw that the firewall was missing, and broken out. The canopy had $150.00 taped on it, so I asked the fellow if that was all he had of the plane. He said "No", and the rest of the plane- wings, struts, and hardware was all inside the truck. I asked to see the wings and rest of the parts. Well, everything else was in perfect condition, and not a scratch or wrinkle on it anywhere. I picked up the fuse to look at the extent of the damage, and saw that the 1st 3 front formers, and firewall was pretty well knocked out. I asked him what happened, and he said he pulled the plane up before he had enough ground speed, and may have had some right aileron on the right stick, instead of holding the right stick at a true position, and the plane ground looped. He had an OS 91 4 stroke in it, and it went through the firewall, and back to the 2nd former. It also had enough shock that the impact knocked the servo tray loose.
Well. I pulled out a $100.00 bill and made him a offer for the C note, and he said the servos that were in it were worth more than that. So I told him I didn't need the servos, and take them out. He said he didn't have any tools, but would think about my offer. I walked away, and when I was about 10 feet away, he called me back(after his buddy prodded him), and said he would take the $100.00. So I paid him. picked up all the parts, and loaded them into my van.
Later that evening I decided to see what it was going to take to make the necessary repairs. After looking everything over, I figured what I would do.
The following is what i found, and repairs that i started: Dean