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Originally Posted by rcbence View Post
Couldn't see the vids as they are private. I just lookedthe fuel up.....its all synthetic. At 9% you won't see as much smoke. It might be less by volume. Wouldn't be surprized if it's 7-8.

IMO its not an air leak. The engine wouldn't dip down at idle. It would do the opposite.

Have you tried leaning the lsn from the factory setting?
I think the video works now.

I did find a airleak around the carb, sealed it up but didnt make any noticeable difference. Maybe it was too small. Shouldnt be any more airleaks now anyway.

I did try to lean the LSN but it just made everything worse. Richening the LSN and leaning the HSN made the car run kinda good, but now im scared i made that "rookie mistake" by richening the LSN covers up a too lean HSN.