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All selling takes place in the RCU Marketplace which provides for free listings to non-commercial members for BOTH classifieds OR auctions. We have tools and features in our marketplace that no discussion forum can compare to. These tools help you to trade safely and more efficiently. So please use only the Marketplace to do your buying, selling and trading.

No auction or for sale posts in the forums please. No asking for bids or words that would lead the buyer to assume you are having an auction or classified ad. No discussion forum threads or posts linking to any classified or auction ads unless the information answers a question being discussed or questions the value or condition of the product and it is not yours or an acquaintance's. If you have an item for sale or auction elsewhere and are bound by their contract to fulfill the terms, please do not post the same item for sale at RCU. Raffles are only allowed with written permission from RCU management.

Want ads are available in the Marketplace. However, you may post for help locating something in the forums. Any mention of "will trade" or a product you have to offer in exchange for the item wanted is not allowed. The want ad should only request what you are looking for and we expect users to respond with replies that they either have the item or where the member might find it or get it. The poster should expect to pay cash (not trade) for the item expected unless those who reply offer it to the member for free, which is also acceptable.
cut/paste from RCU rules for posts

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