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Originally Posted by Patrick F View Post
Hi James, YES the construction drawing of the wing and stab will be in the kit,you still will need to get the original drawing from MAN for the fuse and layout.As far as when it will be avalible check with either my website or the postings here for that info, as this will be the case with the other kits i am working on, since there are many fiberglass fuselage out there i want to be able to offer WOOD WINGS and STABS for those, i am also working on the CURARE and EU-1 the ATLAS is done the intro price will be on the web OCT.1

Thanks for your interest

Lasercut USA
Pat, will you be offering wood kits or will these be available built up already? If the latter, please disregard the following. If the former, please consider......

A suggestion....Would you also offer Laser Cut crutches for the built up structure? Preferably from 1/4" firm balsa. The ideal would be to have a set of foam husks to use to build on, but in a pinch, the next best thing for accuracy is a set of crutches under the ribs. One marks the sheeting for the ribs and locates the sheeting on the crutches. The ribs just fall in place to a very precise and accurate outcome.

I have just completed the stab on one of my designs using the Bob Hunt's Lost Foam technique. I found the technique to be simple to follow. The result was an extremely accurate built up stab. For those that don't know the method, it uses a built up structure (no foam in the finished product). The foam is there as the building aide for getting accurate rib outlines and ribs spacing. The crutches would serve a similar purpose.

As those that have built both foam stuff and balsa stuff, the properly set-up balsa (many lightening holes) builds into a much lighter structure. My completed, fully painted stab weighs about 4 1/2 ounces (about 240 square inches) where the original foam cored stab weighed about 7 ounces.