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This is really a tough question, when you really stop to think about it. The Futaba 9C is a great radio, and it upgrades to 2.4Ghz really easily using virtually any kind of RF Module and receiver you'd like. You can upgrade it to Futaba FASST, Futaba FHSS, Spektrum DSM2, FrSky 2.4Ghz, Hitec AFHSS, or most any other system on the market. What if you drop a couple of hundred dollars on a module and receiver package, however, and the screen goes out on your old 9C radio system?

I guess the best upgrade path for you depends on your answer to this question: If your Futaba 9C broke tomorrow and it was going to cost $200 to repair it, would you fix it or shop for a new radio? If you'd fix it, you still really like your Futaba 9C and investing in a 2.4Ghz module for it is a smart choice. If you wouldn't pay $200 to repair your 9C, you probably already have an itch to buy a new radio system, and adding a 2.4Ghz module to your old radio won't scratch that itch. If you put off buying a new radio now, you'll likely just talk yourself into it a few months down the road.

There are enough fans of the Futaba 9C that they are still bringing good money on the used market, whether at auction or here at RC Universe. If you're just getting back into RC flying, you could sell your 9C to help fund the purchase of a new radio system and then simply add receivers as you ready more planes for flying. If you went with the Futaba 10J as your new radio system, the cash you'd get for your old 9C transmitter would buy you a few extra receivers.

You have a lot of choices, but I think you should gauge your fondness for your Futaba 9C and then let that guide you to the best option for you.

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